There is nothing better than seeing your little one’s face light up with a delighted smile, and that is why our team at Willowbrook Park Dental loves helping our young patients maintain their smiles. However, it can be challenging for children to understand the importance of visiting a dentist in Langley. That is why it is important to get them used to the idea of visiting a dentist from an early age. The dentist should always be a positive experience for your child.

It is normal for your child to feel apprehensive about visiting a dentist near you for the first time. After all, new things can often be scary. It is wise to remember that your child feeds off your energy, so ensure that you remain calm and avoid using scary terms such as “needle,” “poke,” or “pain” when describing the dentist to your child. In fact, our team suggests that you leave the explanations of dental procedures to our experts in pediatric dentistry near you.

Here are some of our suggestions of ways to help prepare your child for their visit to the dentist:

Play pretend. Especially for younger children, role play can be an excellent way to practice good behaviour at the dentist and for your child to begin to understand what a dentist really is. Have your child sit in a chair while you pretend to inspect their teeth.

Read them books about dentistry. There are tons of children’s books out there that explain what a dentist does in child-friendly terms. Our team at Willowbrook Park Dental suggests The Crocodile and the Dentist by Taro Gomi or Daniel Goes to the Dentist By Alexandra Cassel Schwartz. Both of these books teach children about the benefits of visiting a dentist and encourage them to understand that a dental checkup is nothing to be afraid of.

Lead by example. If you are due for a dental checkup, bring your child along with you so that they can see for themselves what happens during a dental appointment. Ensure that you model brave and confident behaviour so that your child feels comforted by the idea that you can visit a dentist with no problem.

Choose a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry in Langley. Pediatric dentists are specially trained in the development and growth of children’s teeth, gums, and jaws. They are also experienced in treating young children and teaching them about oral hygiene in a fun and educational way.

Get to your appointment early. It can be helpful for your child to have some time to explore and get used to a new space. They can relax and play while waiting to meet the dentist.

Support your child. All of the above tips are great for helping ease your child’s dental anxiety, but nothing is more comforting than your presence during their dental appointment. Hold their hand, high-five them, and cheer them on as they take their first steps into a lifetime of optimal oral health.

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